Why I Can’t Just Give You a Quick Fix

I have been getting a lot of messages and e-mails lately asking for tips and advice on how to improve your child’s quality of sleep.  It is not that I don’t want to help or offer free advice or tips; but it is much more complicated then that.  Yes, I do offer helpful information and always willing to listen, but it is just that.  Helpful but not complete change.  It doesn’t mean I do not know what I am doing or I am trying to hide my magical powers (strong sarcasm), but my clients are the ones who are getting my undivided attention and unconditional support.  It is not because of financial responsibility but because they are making a commitment to change.  They are dedicated and motivated to doing the hard work, trusting in me and my experience and knowledge and working with me throughout the transition.

There are a lot of other sleep consultants out there that offer very generalized sleep plans for the masses and people do have success.  However, for me and my services, I feel like this transition and change in your child’s life and your family’s life, deserves much more personalized attention and support.  We want to make these changes together so we don’t have to keep “re-training” through every “regression”.

I want us to work together so I can explain the science and reasoning behind the changes in sleep environment, schedule adjustment and sleep hygiene.  I want to make sure nutrition is on track and they are meeting their milestones.  I want to make sure there aren’t any underlying medical issues that might have been innocently overlooked.  I want to make sure you the parents are comfortable and happy with the steps that we take.  And most importantly, I want to make sure we are making the very best decisions for your baby/toddler.

Not every baby or toddler has the same temperament and responds differently to environments and methods.  Not every parenting style is a fit for every method.  Together we will figure this out and I will do my very best to educate and inform you on all of the changes and transitions we make to benefit of your little one’s sleep.

We want to create long lasting healthy sleeping habits to last a lifetime and not until the next regression, illness or change happens.  We want to instill safe and happy sleeping habits that will enable our children to respect and positively respond to their bodies telling them they are tired and need a break.  We want out kids to go to college, be on their own, and know that sleep is extremely important to our growth and development, without having their parents their to remind them it is bedtime.  We want our children to grow up and not have to take a sleeping aid, have anxiety around sleep or be foggy throughout the day because they were never taught good sleep hygiene.  As adults, we know it is important to our health to have a healthy and well balanced diet, drink lots of water and to get restorative and consistent sleep… so why not start ASAP?

So, yes, I would love to chat with you and give you some advice and it most likely will improve your child’s sleep, and for some that’s all they need.  But for parents that are severely sleep deprived and babies/toddlers who are chronically overtired, I need much more details and time to create long lasting positive change.  Just like with any new skill, it takes time, lots of patience and consistency.

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Your dedicated, non-judgmental and honest sleep consultant,


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