Why Hire a Sleep Consultant?

I often get weird looks or interesting comments when I tell people that I am a Certified Infant/Toddler Sleep Consultant.  “Why would anyone ever need someone like that or is that even a real job?”  I am here to tell you that it IS A REAL job and so many people could benefit from the service and knowledge that I possess.  There are so many parents right now that are struggling with sleep deprivation and not realizing that there is a solution!  OR believe that chronic sleep deprivation is just apart of parenting and everyone goes through this.

Chronic sleep deprivation we know is extremely harmful to us as adults but it is also for our babies and toddlers.  Restorative and uninterrupted sleep (for babies 4+ months) is when our bodies repair and rejuvenate.

During restorative and uninterrupted sleep is when our bodies:

  1. Memory is strengthened
  2. Immune systems are strengthened
  3. Bones and tissues are repaired
  4. Appetite is regulated
  5. Growth hormones are released
  6. Energy levels are restored
  7. Stress is reduced
  8. Short term memory is transferred into long term memory
  9. New learned skills are secured (that’s why babies often practice crawling, rolling, walking at night)
  10. Brain connections are made
  11. Vision is sharpened
  12. Processing of emotions

These are just some of the examples of what our incredible bodies do when we sleep!  So when you ask me, “Why do I need to hire you as my sleep consultant?” these are just a few of my reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What do you mean that you are “Certified”?

Answer: I have taken an intense and evidence based course that I worked with certified sleep consultant mentors, the founder of the company, read extensive material and worked with clients all of the world.

Why can’t I just read a book or go online?

Answer: You absolutely can do either option above! However, books and online articles only tell you so much and they don’t talk back.  They aren’t there in the middle of the night or at bedtime when you have a question because your child didn’t follow the author’s plan.  They aren’t there to troubleshoot with you, talk to your support (spouse, nanny, boyfriend, girlfriend, Grandmother, etc) when they also need reassurance and guidance.  They aren’t there when you need the praise and confidence to share in the happiness of small and big changes.  They don’t ask YOU the personal questions that 100% matter.

I have tried sleep training and it didn’t work!

Answer: I get this ALL OF THE TIME!  It is very common and understandable when parents come to me and tell me that they have let their child “Cry it Out”, tried “Ferber” or tried using the “Sleep Lady Shuffle” and it just didn’t work.  Most times… it doesn’t work when executing on your own or it does work the first time but every couple of months they are having to re-sleep train.  It IS because all of the other factors are not being added into the equation.  You will only get them with a sleep consultant, like myself… or do a heck of a lot of research on your own and even then you might still be missing some pieces to the puzzle.

Do I have to let my child “Cry it Out?”

Answer: NO! There are many different types of sleep training that I practice and support.  For some parents CIO is the way to go and their child’s temperament gels perfectly with this specific method but others DO NOT!  That’s where I come in… I ask all of the right questions and make sure that whatever method we choose is the right fit for you and your child.

Won’t my child eventually start sleeping on their own? They won’t stay like this forever, right?

Answer: Some babies/toddlers will eventually learn to sleep independently and that may work for some parents.  However, some children never learn good sleep habits and independent sleep and grow into adults who are still struggling.  We can see negative effects like behavior issues, obesity, lack of appetite, compromised immune systems, inability to concentrate, etc. when we see chronic sleep deprivation.  Why wait to teach such an important and necessary skill?

Thanks for reading my FIRST blog post!  I hope this you found this informative and useful!

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